Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Last Song

Heyy :)
It's been a long time since I last wrote here. Siapa suruh aku pandai sangat tak bayar bill broadband? Hmm. So, I'm gonna say this, 'sucks being me'. HAHA. There's NO facebook, NO blogging, NO twitter and even NO youtube. -.-'

Instead of whining and mourning about the broadband I decided to read a book. Niceee! It's not really sucks actually. Kan? Boleh baca buku, kan bagus tu. Hee. Finally, I managed to finish 'The Last Song' by Nicholas Sparks during this semester break. Thanks to the broadband problems. Haha. 

I love Nicholas Sparks. He's amazing. This book was amazing too. But I hate the part that it made me cry, really.

'IMTF- In My Thoughts Forever'

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : Wish

Hi :)

Can I have a real date that include of this? :)
Not a typical date like eating together and talk to each other, it's just simply all that. 

*I do not own the picture. Taken somewhere but I don't remember where it is. Umm, this is my FIRST 'Wordless Wednesday' !

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Back to December.

Hey there. I'm wishing that everyone's fine. InsyaAllah. It's been six days in December. Cepat masa berlalu kan.

How many times you told yourself not to cry again? But it seems like you just can't hold yourself back. And there you go, there's a teardrop falling. 

Sorry sebab entry kali ni bukan dalam mood happy. Yaa, it's kinda gloomy. Sebab bulan Disember banyak tinggalkan kesan pada aku. Really. It has taught me many things in life. Kesabaran. Belajar tabah. Bersedia untuk terima kehilangan yang mengubah hidup. Yeah, my life's already changed ever since December 2009. It's almost 2 years since I lost my dad. Hmm, I've accepted it. I've tried to face it, tapi aku tak mampu nak tipu diri sendiri. Rasa tak lengkap tu masih ada. I miss my abah, really really. :'(

I know, aku tak boleh pentingkan diri sendiri. Everything happens for a reason. Maybe Allah loves him more. And it must be hard for my dad too. Seriously, he have to bear the pain. I don't know how he made it. Even we all yang sihat pun rasa lemah. But the moment when he knows he was diagnosed with cancer, I can see that he still can accepted it. He was very strong and patient like he always did. But it really painful for us, me and my family, to see him, the person who used to be the strongest person in my life getting weaker each day until the day we lost him. Semoga abah di tempatkan dalam kalangan orang orang yang beriman. InsyaAllah. Amin.
- Al-fatihah -