Sunday, January 22, 2012

Adorable things :)

Hey there! Hope you guys doing fine and enjoying your day. Teeheee :)

This is serious. Help me! I've fall in love with some sort of CUTE, ADORABLE AND LOVABLE THINGS. It's these owl plush toys. 

Turqoise plush owl. I love this one. Because it's in TURQOISE! Heee :D

Sleepy eyes plush owls. It's kinda cute. 

One of my fave colour. :)

Rounded shape owl. 

Look nice. 

Okay, I know it's not owl, but monsters. Yes, yes, yes! They're freakin adorable! :3 I really want one of this too! 

P/s: If you got some info about this kind of stuff, do let me know. Like, where to buy this and the price range. I really need it. I'd really appreciate all your kindness. Thanks guys ;)


mrakhr said...

Benda ni kecik je eh? Try tengok kat Giffy. Tak sure laa ada ke tak. But Giffy kat ada jugak jual staff cam ni.

fatiiMNADZRI said...

Ohh. Thanks awak. :)
Size dia tak sure. Tapi ada kecik and ada yang besar. Umm, Giffy kat W.Walk kan?