Saturday, January 31, 2015


I do have a crush but it was before I had a boyfriend and I love him so much okay no doubt. Come on, who doesn't have a crush? Almost everybody does have at least one right? But a crush, will remain a crush. For me. Nothing's gonna change that because either he's taken, he's married, he's korean, he's too cute or.. he's in a boyband like Niall Horan ugh. Okay actually during my secondary school days, to be honest I hate boys, I hate 'gedik girls' and some of the teachers too or precisely I hate almost everything about school except my very best friends. But now, I kinda miss school though. And this whole crush thing too, started during my school days. I like that guy probably because he's not like other boys in school who's trying too hard to get the attention and who thinks that they're too hot. Gosh come on. I can't stand those people and because of that I don't have many boy friends or even girl friends back in school and it was because I am a shy person too. But deep down I'm one of crazy ass person, well.. only my bffs know this. Okay, this crush things involve my bff too. Funny whenever I recalled this. We liked the same person. This guy, he moved to our school and he was our senior, one year older. We'll get excited whenever we saw him. I bet everyone gets excited too when they see their crush. Let me describe him, he's not that tall, The Beatles kind of hair which I think we both like it haha, oh and a sweet smile! Things remained a secret between us and he'll never know. We just admired him from afar, too bad huh. Um not that bad.. because we both kept things professional haha. Honestly, I never expect more. Crush is just a crush. Though it was when we were 16, we both still remember this. Wonder where he is now. 

P.S: I'm 20 now. Okay just kidding.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


I always wanted to learn English. I wanted to get better in speaking. It's not that I never learned this language, here, we learned English since kindergarten and then in primary school and secondary school too. But still, I'm not good in speaking and I don't have confidence. I'm not one of those who can talk fluently without trying hard. Yeah honestly I envy those people. But here's a thing, if you're that good, please please don't ever look down on others, like what happened to me before and I think that person is so judgemental which makes me some kind of judgemental too because I have a thought like that. K. Seriously, if you're good in English what makes you think you're any better than other people? It doesn't put you on a higher league. No not at all. Hm I don't know why I love English, but I do. It's not that I don't like Bahasa, don't ever have that in mind okay. Bahasa always have special place in my heart after all, I am a Malaysian. 

So I decided to take a short course. Yeay, I really look forwad for this. I hope everything went as planned. Wish me luck! X