Thursday, January 29, 2015


I always wanted to learn English. I wanted to get better in speaking. It's not that I never learned this language, here, we learned English since kindergarten and then in primary school and secondary school too. But still, I'm not good in speaking and I don't have confidence. I'm not one of those who can talk fluently without trying hard. Yeah honestly I envy those people. But here's a thing, if you're that good, please please don't ever look down on others, like what happened to me before and I think that person is so judgemental which makes me some kind of judgemental too because I have a thought like that. K. Seriously, if you're good in English what makes you think you're any better than other people? It doesn't put you on a higher league. No not at all. Hm I don't know why I love English, but I do. It's not that I don't like Bahasa, don't ever have that in mind okay. Bahasa always have special place in my heart after all, I am a Malaysian. 

So I decided to take a short course. Yeay, I really look forwad for this. I hope everything went as planned. Wish me luck! X

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